Meet the Alumni - Achia Nila - Achia Nila

Achia Nila is the founder, ‘Women In Digital - Empowerment through Technology’. As a skilled professional of digital production; she has set a remarkable footprint in the emerging technology market of Bangladesh. She has also been working as a Country Director on ‘Woman Who Code’ since August 2018 and also working as an International IT Specialist at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), as a Lead Product Manager at NIM, as a Project Manager at World-Soft Ltd., and she worked at many leading companies. 


She also has served in some of the internationally recognized organizations such as Dell, Microsoft, HP, Epson, Colgate, HillsPet, J&J, HTC, HSBC, Vodafone, Sony, Unilever, Betfair and Nokia etc. As a local product, she successfully launched Maya apa Mobile application. She specializes in IT product development (like web, mobile app and game) and Product management, project management, team lead etc. She also has over 10+ years of creative background, enabling added Fashion Designing and Strategic value and 5+ Years Experience in Digital Marketing.  


Achia graduated from United International University in Computer Science and engineering. Later on, she received her M.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering from Daffodil International University. She was involved with several voluntary activities, for example, she served as a mentor at the Jaago Foundation and Spreeha Foundation.  


She has vast experience in Web-based technology, which makes her lead an Interactive Web-based solution provider. As a leading technological professional, Achia is one of the inspiring role models for women in the engineering education sector of Bangladesh.  


At 2019 she has selected for International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) in the U.S.  The International Visitor Leadership Program is designed to provide foreign leaders and scholars with the opportunity to meet American colleagues and become better acquainted with the United States, its culture, and its people.  One of the program's major goals is to promote the development of friendly relations between the United States and other countries of the world. This is the top prestigious program from United State Department. 



She intimately involves herself with UIU CSE Alumni Association and plays a vital role as an advisor and mentor to take the association to the next level.

Posted On : 10-Jan-2020