About Us

2003, the very first journey for excellence was started by United International University (UIU) based on 2 different faculty and 76 students. Over the time period currently more than 6000 students are studying in UIU.

On November 11, 2018, 10 graduates from CSE Department of United International University (UIU) formed the CSE Alumni Association by an election. These 10 members are elected from the beginning Alumni batch to last Alumni batch of CSE Department, UIU.

CSE Alumni Association has promised to serve diligently the United International University and its stakeholders. The activities of CSE Alumni Association are predicated on the deep passion and enthusiasm alumni and friends have for the University and developing partnerships with the University community and external constituents.

CSE Alumni Association works closely with current students, alumni and friends, faculty and staff, corporations and foundations, and the University to create fundraising programs and opportunities that benefit the University and its excellence in teaching, research, and public engagement. Coordination and Cooperation with all clubs and forums , Alumni get together, Arranging Job-Fair for current students, establishing a bridge between Ex-UIUians who are working in different industries and existing students of UIU are the basic and core tasks of CSE Alumni Association.